Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pro-construction, Pro-Abolitionist Homes

What can DDDb and the Carpenter's Union agree on? The two groups are vocally opposed to each other on the Atlantic Yards debate, but the pro-Ratner and anti-Ratner activists find common ground on Duffield Street. One side stridently advocates for transparency, the other for jobs, and both oppose the NYC Economic Development Corporation's plans for Duffield Street.

Here's a video of the June 2007 union rally on Duffield Street. 227 Duffield, home of prominent Abolitionists, can be seen behind William Cotton and Peter Abbate:

Incidently, Congresswoman Yvette Clarke has written a letter in support of the protection of the Abolitionist homes. Anthony Pugliese showed his support by attending the June 19th press conference at 227 Duffield.

Here is a link to a pro-union website opposed to the Sheraton hotels on Duffield Street. The focus of these construction advocates' ire is that the Duffield Sheraton hotels are being built with non-union labor.

There are various reasons the unions would support the promotion of the Abolitionist homes on Duffield. One could argue that the EDC's proposed parking lot is really a free taxpayer gift to the non-union hotels. The EDC is saving Sheraton a ton of money, because instead of building their own parking lot, the taxpayers will pay for it.

Of course, some people get to pay more for gift of parking. The EDC want to force the owners and residents of Duffield to pay with their homes and businesses.