Saturday, August 11, 2007

Honoring Sherri Williams on her 25th birthday

On February 24, 2006, an arsonist started a fire at 1033 Pacific Street, killing four people, including Sherri Williams. To see what her street looked like soon after the murder, click here.

Today, her home has been completely fixed up, and is fully occupied. The street displays dramatic contrasts between luxury condos next to harsh poverty. For current images, click here.

Sherri Williams was an impressive young woman who was lifting herself up from a tough economic situation by working hard on her education. She was well liked by her neighbors, and she was raising her young son.

The arsonist that lit flammable materials in the first floor hallway of her building may have known this. But this murderer was probably too busy to care, since he or she started fires in a few buildings around 5 am last February 24th.

The search for this criminal is ongoing. I encourage everyone to make sure that the police don't neglect this case. Please call the 77th precinct and ask them for a status report. The Detective Squad number is 718-735-0661.

The police have not found any suspect, so it is unclear what motivated the arsonist. It could have been drugs, or covering up one of the other arson attacks. But Sherri's family thinks that it was developers.

Whatever the reasons, we wish Sherri Williams' family the best. The least we can do is to remember her senseless death.