Friday, August 17, 2007

Brooklyn Paper: City now seeks ‘Railroad’ ties

The Brooklyn Paper just published an article which appears to have been written before it was clear that Bloomberg still intends to destroy the Duffield Abolitionist homes. The article lays out the controvery over his new panel, and it reviews some of the history of Duffield Street:

Oh the irony: After spending more than two years preparing for the demolition of Duffield Street homes that many believe were stations on the Underground Railroad, the Bloomberg Administration now says it wants to “to commemorate abolitionist activity that occurred in Brooklyn in the 1800s.”

It continues

One of the seven houses, at 227 Duffield St., belonged to Thomas and Harriet Truesdell, prominent Brooklyn Abolitionists. A number of the homes’ basements have tunnels that may have been used to help slaves escape to freedom.

For more, read see City now seeks ‘Railroad’ ties.