Friday, August 3, 2007

Much more about the Ingersoll houses

There has been tons of discussion going on at regarding the Ingersoll/Whitman houses. Here's how their recent article starts:
While there was lots of interesting information about some of the more upscale developments in the borough at yesterday's quarterly luncheon for real estate bigwigs at the Brooklyn Historical Society, we were most struck by a comment made in passing about the future of the Ingersoll and Whitman Houses, the massive housing projects between Park and Myrtle in Fort Greene. There have been rumors for a few years about the low-income residents being pushed out to clear the way for conversion of the buildings into co-ops.

The discussion was picked up in mcbrooklyn, NY Magazine and the Real Estate King. While it's pretty unclear what is going on at the Fort Greene houses, the general trend is clear: many long-term residents of Downtown Brooklyn and Fort Greene are either being pushed out or feel that they are being pushed out.