Saturday, August 18, 2007

AY Report: Errol Louis misses the point

The Atlantic Yards Report covers an Errol Louis column in Our Time Press that is not online yet. Here is a quote of Mr. Louis from "Again, Errol Louis misses the point regarding the Downtown Brooklyn rezoning":

Louis writes:
Call me cynical, but I seriously doubt that the city's money or the top-notch advisory panel named to administer it will quiet the critics of development in downtown Brooklyn. The real goal of the loudest critics is to prevent the new condos, apartments, hotels and retail stores in the area, following the misguided logic that keeping investment, amenities and new residents out of this part of Brooklyn is the best way to keep local housing prices from rising.
As usual, Norman Oder does a great job summarizing the issues.

This new column by Errol Louis suggests pretty strongly that he was the author of the only opinion piece in any paper advocating for the destruction of the Abolitionist homes. We wrote about it here and you can read the original Daily News opinion here.

Gratuitous aside: Errol Louis was a guest host on the Brian Lehrer show, and afterwards he posted a comment on the Atlantic Yards Report. Please let WNYC know if you think this is appropriate language for a moderator of a show known for its objectivity.