Friday, July 27, 2012

Atlantic Yards Report blows away Reuter on Brooklyn reporting

While Reuters is reprinting press releases, Atlantic Yards Report provides verified reporting. It's not even close.

Judge for yourself at:
Downtown Brooklyn hailed for growth in jobs, income; rezoning lost to history; Barclays Center seen as opportunity; DBP portrays itself as nonpartisan.

Reuters: Economic growth in NY's Brooklyn holds lessons for cities

Reuter just published an article, "Economic growth in NY's Brooklyn holds lessons for cities." It praises the economic growth of Downtown Brooklyn. Of course, there is no mention of the businesses and residents that were displaced or destroyed to create this economic miracle.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

City to Downtown Brooklyn residents: Get out of Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Paper reports about how the NYC Economic Development agency is destroying the homes of longtime Brooklyn residents to build an underground parking lot and micro-park. The residents will be forced by the City to move to far flung neighborhoods. For more, please read
Downtown evictees: The city is booting us from Brooklyn.