Saturday, August 18, 2007

Brooklyn Star: Duffield hard to ignore

The Downtown Brooklyn Star wrote an opinion piece, which does not seem to be online. The piece was probably written after Bloomberg announced a new panel to commemorate Brooklyn Abolitionist history, and before it was revealed that Bloomberg had issued an RFP for the destruction of the Duffield Abolitionist homes.

Nevertheless, the Star sums up its position in the title "Homes on Duffield & Gold Will Be Hard for Panel to Ignore" (published 8/16/07, page 9):

It seems very unlikely this latest panel [will] come back in favor of condemning Duffield and Gold Streets. Thanks to the AKRF debacle, [the Bloomberg] administration has already lost too much credibility.

Whether Bloomberg has realized it or not, many in New York City and beyond recognize the importance of the Duffield Abolitionist homes.