Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Alien Ship Officially Set for Liftoff on Flatbush Avenue

Curbed reports on one of the new buildings going up just a few blocks from the Duffield Street Abolitionist homes:
When a building can be described as "the lovechild of the Flatiron Building and a spaceship," you know the dream is too big to die. And indeed, finally, architect Ismael Leyva's 21-story luxury condo plan at 85 Flatbush Avenue between Tillary and Duffield Streets has been approved.
Comments on Curbed range from the approving to the ironic:
George Jetson is in contract for the penthouse.
This is today's reminder that people are plowing forward with all sorts of construction in the Downtown Brooklyn environs. Eminent domain to destroy to historic Duffield Street homes is not necessary to encourage development.