Friday, December 28, 2007

227 Duffield one of the stories of the year

The decision to include 227 Duffield in Brooklyn's future was one of the stories of year, according to two papers.

In Whatta year!, the Brooklyn Paper says:
Free at last! The city decides against condemning Joy Chatel’s Duffield Street home, which historians believe is linked to the Underground Railroad.
In Year in review, the Amsterdam News reports:
After three years of fighting, a line of homes on Duffield Street in Brooklyn was saved from the gentrification wrecking ball because of its ties to the Underground Railroad.
Saving Duffield was a group effort, and we'd like to thank everyone for staying informed and involved. There's more to come in 2008... as long as we all chip in and donate to make it to the next step. Join the effort! Please give what you can using our new "donate" button!

Monday, December 24, 2007

AM New York: Rescue Us

AM New York has put preserving New York's urban heritage on the front cover of the December 21-23 edition. The prominent treatment suggests that there is widespread support for keeping the unique features of New York City. Number Four on the AM New York's list is Duffield Street:
Development pressures in downtown Brooklyn threaten the existence of several houses possibly linked to the Underground Railroad. Preservationists say the city ignored documents detailing the historical significance of the houses on Duffield Street.

After nearly four years of protest, one of the homes, No. 227, has been saved. But the fate of others on the street (Nos. 231 and 233) is up in the air. They're slated for demolition as part of a major redevelopment project for Willoughby Square.

Also on watch: The 1847 James Sloan and Abigail Hopper Gibbons home in Chelsea (339 W. 29th St.). Newspaper editor Horace Greeley and abolitionist John Brown were known to stay here, and the house was specifically targeted during the 1863 Draft Riots. Community Board 4 is advocating its preservation: the current owner is remodeling and wants to add a penthouse.
It's good to hear that the homes on West 29th Street are also getting some news coverage. It's also good to report (contrary to the quote above) that 233 Duffield is not threatened. The owner is not selling, and the home is not threatened with eminent domain.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Some photos from Duffield press conference

Here are some photos of the Duffield press conference on Monday taken by Diane Greene Lent. For more, click here.