Thursday, February 5, 2009

BK Eagle: City Has All Parcels in Place for Creation of Willoughby Square Park

The Brooklyn Eagle has spread the word about the most recent NYC Economic Development Corporation press release. They report several new details including:

The recently acquired parcels, totaling approximately 23,046 square feet, include 225 Duffield (2,007 sq. ft.) and 223 Duffield (2,107); 116 Willoughby St. (7,500); and 402 (2,000), 404 (2,506), 406 (2,506), 416 (2,189) and 418 (2,231) Albee Square.

Here is Brooklyn Eagle's image of 225 Duffield- 227 Duffield is at the right in the photo. All three properties shown were connected by underground tunnels:

Development Watch: Downtown Sheraton/Aloft

Brownstoner reports on the completion of one of the hotels on Duffield Street:

The 25-story Sheraton is almost done (no word on an opening date but the website says it's "currently accepting group inquiries at the pre-opening office") and its younger sibling next door, the Aloft, has reached five stories. The Sheraton looks pretty nice, we think. Certainly heads and shoulders above some other hotels that have been built in the borough in recent years.

It is my understanding that the hotel was supposed to open last October, which means that it is much more prompt than almost any other large development in the Downtown Brooklyn area.

The article didn't mention a problem that developed a few months ago. Construction of the new hotel undermined the foundation of the building just south, leading to these cracks that go from the bottom to the top of the building:

These photos were taken July 9, 2008.