Saturday, December 20, 2008

Remembering Sherri Williams, fatal victim of mortgage fraud

A friend of Sherri Williams posted about her on this blog, and I thought it deserves more attention:

Sherri and I were classmates and I loved her like a sister. We studied together daily, she was a great person, her smile was contagious so was her laugh. I look at my degree fromm BMCC and say I did this for us. 3 years later I still think of her, especially when it snows ... he funeral was just after a snow storm so it reminds me or her death. That killer will be bought to justice ... she's in a better place and is greatly missed ... Carnel, keep strong, mommy loved you more than you can ever imagine .... Take care!! Thanks for this posting ... Happy 25th Sherri, I Miss You ... Love Quanee

Sherri's death is tragic, and it is heart-wrenching to find out the reason for her death. According to the most recent information, the fire that killed her was a distraction for another fire, which was set for the purpose of mortgage fraud. 

It puts things in perspective. Bernard Madoff may have been responsible for a $50 billion fraud, but I don't think he killed anyone. 

One of the last people to write on the subject of the arson/murder at 1033 was activist Phil DePaolo in "Drug Dealer" Theory of Pacific Street Fires Debunked, It Was Fraud. The New York Times wrote about it here

God bless you, Sherri Williams.