Monday, August 27, 2007

Let's not bicker

The NYC Economic Development Corporation (EDC) actions in Downtown Brooklyn are mystifying. As a result of the EDC's plans, some parking lots have been torn down to build apartment buildings, while on Duffield Street, the EDC plans to destroy homes to build a parking lot.

These controversies don't register on the New York Times, but the Times did write about the failure to develop lots in Manhattan. The EDC is explained in "Forty Years of Growth, Except Where It Was Expected":

One former city official familiar with the site faulted the city’s Economic Development Corporation, the agency responsible for the property, for inaction on the lots. While the Economic Development Corporation may be skilled with commercial development, it is not adept at planning for residential areas, said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he is still active in housing development.....

Current housing officials declined to comment about the sites. But Ms. Perine, the former commissioner, said the failure to build on the site reflected the reality that officials — and she included herself — focused on neighborhoods where they could build, rather than bicker.

Hopefully, this means that the EDC will simply walk away from its plan to destroy the Duffield Abolitionist homes. There are some important projects the EDC could undertake. Destroying the historic resources of Brooklyn is not one of them.