Friday, June 20, 2008

Rev. Daughtry celebrates Brooklyn's Abolitionist History

Rev. Herbert Daughtry celebrated Juneteenth in Downtown Brooklyn today. He spoke in detail about the history of the Civil War period and of Brooklyn's importance to the cause of Abolitionism. The crowd included several respected scholars, business leaders and clergy. Notably, Christopher Moore spoke with great knowledge and passion about the people who stood up against slavery.

To hear Rev. Daughtry in his own words, click to see the video here.

To hear Christopher Moore in his own words, click to see the video here.

See photos here

Rev. Daughtry acknowledged several outspoken activists, including Joy Chatel and Ed Carter.

It was a large crowd and it was wonderful to have so much attention given to Brooklyn's proud history....

....but I wish that was the end of the story. For an off-the-record analysis of who attended, please email me. For comparison, here is coverage of the Duffield Juneteenth events from 2007: