Friday, July 6, 2007

Shedding Blight: Condemning Condemnation

The confiscation of private property by the government to promote economic development is being used across New York city. The DDDb rally against the abuse of eminent domain didn't get too much coverage, but the Downtown Brooklyn Star did publish a detailed article on July 5. Here's an excerpt from Shedding Blight: Condemning Condemnation:

A row of houses on Duffield Street will also be seized as part of a comprehensive economic development plan for Downtown Brooklyn. In addition to the controversy surrounding seizing private property, the homes' owners believe there is strong evidence that the houses were an integral part of the Underground Railroad, and at one time hid escaped slaves.

"They want to bulldoze our homes to make way for an underground parking lot - like we don't have enough of those," said Joy Chatel, a Duffield Street resident, before issuing a warning to homeowners throughout the city. "Buy your house and live in it at your own risk."