Monday, July 23, 2007

Michael Bloomberg, Surrealist

One of the great powers of art is to make the viewer question assumptions. Surrealists are specialists at shaking up reality, and undermining the assumptions of objectivity.

What a great description of Michael Bloomberg! Under his administration, firms like AKRF have undermined assumptions about objectivity, as in the recent installation where a judge ruled that AKRF lacked neutrality in the Columbia expansion.

Bloomberg has been working hard to upend the assumptions of the bourgeoisie. For instance, some people think that government should serve the people. Wrong! The Bloombergian art movement shows that by recycling consultants for private interests and public entities, the old-fashioned distinctions between the two are obliterated. A wonderful example of Bloomberg’s artistry is that Jim Stuckey is now the Art Commissioner [editors note: this is not a joke]. His most recent job was working as the spokesperson for Forest City Ratner.

The coup de grace of the Bloombergian revolutionary movement is in his ability to turn historical assumptions on their heads. He has expounded upon the need for turning Downtown Brooklyn into a creative center, and his means of doing this is by turning Abolitionist homes into parking lots. What a bold stroke! Would that Marcel Duchamp or Andy Warhol had the ability overturn conventions!

We can only guess what the next step in Bloomberg’s creative oeuvre. He has been an entrepreneur, a subway rider, mayor, and an artist. Maybe underwater dance choreography? The possibilities are endless.