Sunday, July 8, 2007

Connecting the Warren Beating with Duffield St.

In its July 1 issue, Our Time Press makes a connection between Duffield Street and the recent beating of Michael and Evelyn Warren. (The incident with the Warrens took place about a mile from Duffield.) "View From Here" by the paper's publisher David Mark Greaves states:
This is a very unsettling time we're in, full of memories of the past and foreboding for the future. When the police brutalized and arrested attorney Michael Warren and his wife Evelyn, the image of Warren emerging from custody, in a suit without his tie, with a swollen lip and raised fist, was to flash back to the 1950's. "I'm a lawyer," Warren had said at his first encounter at this level of the just system, "I don't care what you are," replied Officer Talvey, as he reportedly punched Warren in the face. This is a story from another time.... Or should we take the time to connect some dots and see if we'll get the picture then.

We can start many places:

....The historic Duffield Street home to the Underground Railroad Station of Mr. & Mrs. Truesdale and other like-minded abolitionists on Duffield Street at the time. A block that brought together the finest people White America had to offer, who worked together illegally with Africans escaping slavery. This is a site that should be a museum, but is marked to be paved over for a parking facility.
Note: I would say these were the finest people any country had to offer. I am intrigued by the evidence that Mr. & Mrs. Truesdale were African-American. That questions alone deserves further academic research.