Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Oooops" —The EDC

The New York City Economic Development Corporation (EDC) has been busy spending taxpayer dollars destroying existing businesses as it develops new projects with dubious benefits. The proposed demolition of the Abolitionist homes on Duffield Street is only one example. Here's today's example, taken from City takes new tack on Red Hook waterfront:

But the $56 million cruise ship terminal in Red Hook has failed to provide the expected number of jobs.

One year into operation, the terminal employed only 14 people full-time, the Daily News reported in April. The EDC in 2005 had promised 370.

Agency spokeswoman Janel Patterson said there was no official announcement and declined requests for an interview with new project manager Madelyn Wils.

"We're formulating plans which we hope we will be able to talk about soon," Patterson said, also declining to provide a time frame for a decision.

Translation: We have no idea what we're doing.
This was also covered in NoLandGrab which linked to an article in The Gowanus Lounge.