Tuesday, July 3, 2007

LPC Washes Its Hands of Duffield Street

Photo published by Courier-Life publications June 28, 2007

Courier-Life publications reports:

In a May 28th letter to Peg Breen, the president of the New York Landmarks Conservancy, LPC Commissioner Robert Tierney said, "Given the dramatic changes that will occur to the streetscape of Duffield Street, I believe the commemoration of the important role Brooklyn has played in the history of abolitionism will be better served by the program of memorialization referenced by EDC (the city’s Economic Development Corporation) and the City Council than by preserving the three buildings."

The article, Duffield St. let down - Commission prez backs away from fight, shows that there is broad support for a memorial to the Abolitionist movement in Downtown Brooklyn, but raises questions about LPC's process. It concludes:

"That’s not the type of judgment made by an architectural historian," Furman added, "but they didn’t use their archaeologist because she might not have said what they wanted her to say. What we clearly have here is a conspiracy to obfuscate. Someone at City Hall is trying to repress this whole thing."

By press time, LPC had not responded to a request for comment.