Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Organizing Against Eminent Domain Abuse Around New York City

On June 27, over 100 home and business owners, activists and politicians came out in the 90-degree heat to illustrate that the City's policy of using eminent domain to take land for private development is on the rise.

Duffield Street homeowners Joy Chatel and Lew Greenstein were among the property owners who spoke about their own fight against the city to save their homes from being taken and bulldozed for a parking garage. Chatel chaffed at the notion, saying "as if this city needs more parking garages."

Citing the historical significance of the homes on Duffield St., homeowner Chatel pleaded for intervention from Albany, "Governor Spitzer, where are you?"

An emotionally charged Lew Greenstein told the crowd that it was "the little people" who are victims of eminent domain abuse and challenged the City and State to take Governor Spitzer or Mayor Bloomberg's home.

Photo by Jonathan Barkey. For more of his images from the rally, visit http://www.pbase.com/jonathanbarkey/cityhall&page=all.