Thursday, November 1, 2007

Daily News: A push to save historic safe houses

Albor Ruiz of the NY Daily News does a good job in summing up the recent Duffield developments and the arguments against the use of eminent domain in Downtown Brooklyn. The article is called "A push to save historic safe houses" in the online edition and "Nabe preservers draw the line at Duffield Street":

The city's decision to withdraw its initial eminent domain application "was an acknowledgment that it had no basis in the record for its use of eminent domain," FUREE said in a written statement. "This abuse of the powers of eminent domain would have proceeded if the city hadn't been sued."

Community activists believe the rezoning of downtown Brooklyn has not fulfilled its promise of bringing economic growth to the neighborhood.

"Given the failure of the rezoning to achieve the stated goals," Rothblatt said, "it is time to take a fresh look at how to promote the area for the good of everyone, not only the friends of politicians."

Public comment on the use of eminent domain will continue through Monday.

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The Daily News offers a lot of ammunition to those who want to submit public comments. It's not hard to do— just shoot an email to Jack Hammer at the HPD at