Saturday, November 3, 2007

Your E-mail Can Save History

Queen of the Click put up a nice and brief summary of our current call to action in "Your E-mail Can Save History":
I’m sure you are all aware of the eminent domain proceedings happening in New York. Eminent domain is a loophole that allows the government to force you to give up your home/property. Originally it was needed for governments to build highways or public places. Yet here in NYC, the government gives the property to private developers for below cost.

I’m from Brooklyn and there are many of us who are concerned about Duffield Street in Downtown Brooklyn. There are several houses which have been found to be connected to the Underground Railroad. The city wants to take these homes, crush them and build a parking lot for two new hotels. Yet, the city has decided to take public opinion until Monday, November 5th! Full story here:

So how can you help?

Please e-mail Jack Hammer at:

Dear Jack Hammer,

I do not believe that the Duffield Abolitionist homes should be destroyed. Further research is needed to discover the historical significance of these homes as they may have had a role in the Underground Railroad slave safehouse movement.

Thank you!

It is a stroke of rhetorical genius to sign an letter to Jack Hammer with "Hugs."