Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Brooklyn Star: HPD Hears Statements on Urban Renewal Plan

The Downtown Brooklyn Star reports on the recent NYC Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) hearing. In "Once Again, HPD Hears Statements on Brooklyn Urban Renewal Plan" the paper reports the many complaints against the plan, including:
Opponents of the development have also called into question the fundamental intent of the urban renewal, saying that the neighborhood does not need government interference. "This is not a ‘down area’ in need of renewal," said Greenstein. "We’ve got a lot of brand new growth."

Referring to a new hotel that is being built in the neighborhood, he asked "Do they build new hotels in blighted areas?"

"Think about yourself," pleaded Dave Wallace, another property owner. "If you owned a house and renovated it and made it your own, and then the city says they will take it away, how would you feel. They haven’t offered anybody a fair market price for their homes. This isn’t a rich or poor problem. Anybody can be affected by this."