Thursday, November 8, 2007

Why hasn’t Marty Markowitz Stepped Up to Help Joy Chatel?

Queen of the Click raises a question that somehow the NY Times hasn't gotten around to asking in "Why hasn’t Marty Markowitz Stepped Up to Help Joy Chatel?":

Joy Chatel owns 227 Duffield Street. Chatel, a widowed grandmother has researched the history of the home since 2004. Abolitionists were found to be the original owners. Even the discovery done by the city shows that there is historical significance to the home. The city had plans to destroy the building and make way for an underground parking lot for the two hotels across the street drom Chatel’s building. So why haven’t the plans been changed yet?

Brooklyn is the largest of the five boroughs with about 2.5 million residents. Marty Markowitz is the Brooklyn Borough President. Why hasn’t he offered Chatel help? How come he hasn’t made a plan for the Brooklyn Underground Railroad? Markowitz spent $475,000 on a trolley to go around to cultural sites in Brooklyn. This is a cultural site and Markowitz should be making plans for their to be a smaller underground parking lot, a park and the Brooklyn Underground Railroad Museum. Where is Marty?