Thursday, November 1, 2007

Duffield a no-brainer

There's something about Duffield Street. Even Charles Barron and Bill DeBlasio can agree on it. The two City Council Representatives come from two very different districts in Brooklyn— one African-American, the other predominantly white Park Slope— but they are crawling over each other to show that they are the true supporters of the Duffield Street Abolitionist homes. At least, that's the implication of the Brooklyn Paper. "Cash-rich DeBlasio seeks Beep post" writes about the two candidates for Brooklyn Borough President and reports:

Barron certainly focused on Atlantic Yards as a way of attacking DeBlasio’s “inconsistent” support of progressive values.

“He supported Ratner! He supported gutting Downtown Brooklyn [a reference to the Downtown Brooklyn Plan, a 2004 upzoning], yet now says he wants to save the Duffield Street houses, which were part of the Underground Railroad,” Barron said.

No elected official has come out in favor of the destruction of the Duffield Street homes.