Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Use American Express to buy Abolitionist homes

There is a popular installation at Madison Square Park in Manhattan. American Express is teaming up with the US Open to share the world of professional sports and consumer debt with the public. Everyone wins when a private corporation rents a public park, right? The public gets to practice their tennis serves, and there is more money for the Parks Department. The parks can always use more money.

A few people do not win from this situation. Indirectly, this will allow more city money to be spent to confiscate and demolish the Duffield Abolitionist homes. American Express helps the city budget, and so there is more money to pay for the lawyers to fight the owners and residents who don't want their homes and businesses taken through eminent domain.

For more images of how our Madison Square Park is a great public space to relax and contemplate, click here. Oh, and the Parks Department wants to know, are you a cardmember?