Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New People, Old Streets Signal Challenges for Downtown Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle published an editorial by Dennis Holt about the many changes in traffic coming to Downtown Brooklyn. In New People, Old Streets Signal Challenges for Downtown Brooklyn, Holt writes:

The development changes coming to the Willoughby-Fulton Street part of the old Downtown Brooklyn will lead to dramatic changes in traffic patterns, rules and regulations.

This conclusion is not the result of any detailed traffic studies but of the simple act of walking around that part of Downtown Brooklyn for more than an hour last Friday with a development scorecard in hand.

Just to repeat: These observations are not based on any systematic study. On Duffield, Holt says:

The block next to Duffield Street will be a new park. Beneath it will be a 600-car garage where most people will park. Duffield is going to be busy.

Actually, it will be a 696 car garage, if the city pursues its plans to confiscate and demolish the Duffield Abolitionist homes. Holt continues with some bold predictions:

Also, parking cannot be permitted on Willoughby at any time. This street will become the province of taxis — Brooklyn is going to have its own taxi industry. Commercial deliveries will have to be sternly regulated and managed.

He ends with a point that is often made in this blog:

But city and Brooklyn planners have got to revisit the old Downtown area with the new Brooklyn in mind. Everything is going to have to change, and all these new buildings are going to have lots of people in them. And more new people who will be living just across the Flatbush Avenue Extension will also impact the area.