Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nevins Street Incident

Who Walk In Brooklyn blogs about Duffield rather pessimistically in Nevins Street Incident:
the ongoing destruction (some call it “revitalization”) of downtown Brooklyn is among the most dreary stories of the era. Architecture buffs have made their laments & the battle over the houses on Duffield Street continues but, without ever discouraging people from pursing “impossible” causes (see the resolute No Land Grab & Develop Don’t Destroy for starters), the fate of downtown as a heterogenous public space seems particularly bleak.
While many small businesses are being pushed out of Downtown Brooklyn, I am becoming even more optimistic about preserving the Duffield Abolitionist homes.

The newest advocate of the Abolitionist homes is Congressman Ed Towns. This might represent a sea change in elected officials supporting the promotion of Brooklyn through the celebration of its history.