Sunday, September 30, 2007

Daily News: Families feeling squeeze in name of development

The Daily News today reports on a protest against the NYC planned use of eminent domain to destroy low-income housing in order to create luxury high-rise housing and shopping.

The article, Families feeling squeeze in name of development, is about a protest by FUREE to protest eviction letters send to residents of 402, 404 and 406 Albee Square by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD):

"First we learn that the city wants to use eminent domain to condemn the Duffield St. homes and destroy our history," said FUREE Board Chair Beverly Corbin. "Now, in the same square block, they also want to evict over 30 low-income families from their homes. The Downtown Brooklyn Plan has gone too far in emphasizing profit over people."

The affected families are not only raising their voices through protests and rallies; they have also initiated legal action, asking the court to reverse HPD's decision to condemn their homes.

"In order to justify seizing the properties, the city was required to justify the takings as part of a legitimate plan for urban renewal of a blighted area. The city did not do this, " said Jennifer Levy, a South Brooklyn Legal Services attorney.