Friday, September 21, 2007

Duffield Street Co-named "Abolitionist Place"

City Council Representatives David Yassky and Letitia James co-named Duffield Street as "Abolitionist Place" in a ceremony on Duffield and Fulton today. They were joined by Lewis Greenstein and Joy Chatel, who each own properties on the block built in the 1840s. Also in attendance were various representatives of churches involved in the local Abolitionist movement and several elected officials and their representatives. The movement to promote Brooklyn through the celebration of its history has gained new congressional allies, including both Yvette Clarke and Ed Towns.

This being Brooklyn, the event was joyful, chaotic, solemn, noisy and profound.
  • A photo essay of the event and subsequent reception can be found here.
  • A video of Joy Chatel and her family dancing and drumming is here.
  • Assemblyman Joe Lentol's speech can be seen here, with a few interruptions by Mr. Ed Carter.
  • To see the unveiling, click here.