Monday, October 15, 2007

Black Ice Project/Underground Railroad Announces an Association to Identify Links with Duffield

What is the connection between slavery, Downtown Brooklyn and ice hockey? For escaped slaves from the South, the North was not safe. So many went to Canada, and a group called the Black Ice Project honors their struggles. Black Ice announced their support for the Duffield Street Abolitionist homes:

The Black Ice Project / Underground Railroad Announces an Association to Identify Significant Links with the Underground Railroad Duffield Safe Houses in Brooklyn, New York


Drakeford Levi of The Black Ice Project Committee... announced today an association with Joy Chatel of the Underground Railroad Duffield Street Safe Houses in Brooklyn, New York.

The association will be working in conjunction with the historians of SONAHHR, The Society of North Americans Hockey Historians and Researchers, in an effort to identify the original Quaker (Hicksites) and Black families who served as conductors and station managers of the Duffield Street safehouses in Brooklyn, New York.

Through identification and contact with descendants of these groups, the Association hopes to re-establish the historic links and organizational ties between these individual families and descendant families of runaway slaves who then settled east in the Black community of Guinea Town, Long Island and the Quaker community of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, the last station stop on the anti-slavery Underground Railroad.

SONAHHR is currently researching significant links and organizational ties to the Colored Hockey League in Nova Scotia in the late 1890s to 1900s and the league's historic ties to the New York branch of the Underground Railroad. For more information on The Black Ice Project, SONAHHR, and the Colored Hockey League you can check out the following websites:,, and
To see this announcement of their website, please go here.