Monday, January 21, 2008

Duffield Street is the #1 story of the year

On Jan. 3, the Downtown Brooklyn Star published its countdown of the Top 10 Stories of 2007, and Duffield Street even surpassed the Atlantic Yards. They wrote:
#1: City Backs Down on Duffield Street

Who says you can't fight City Hall and win? Don't tell that to Joy Chatel, who was in danger of losing her home through eminent domain so that the city could tear it down and build a parking garage. A bad enough situation as it is, but Chatel's was no ordinary home. She, and may others, contend that the home was a stop on the Underground Railroad, run by members of the Abolitionist movement who were active in Downtown Brooklyn. Late in the year the city did an about face, claiming they no longer needed the home and Chatel saved an important piece of history.
Joy constantly repeats that this was not just her victory, but a great achievement for everyone involved, including City Hall. There are many people who helped make this happen, including a vigilant press— such as the Downtown Brooklyn Star.